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On Line Rotary Cover Top Face Film 500mm Pallet Wrapping Machine

On Line Rotary Cover Top Face Film 500mm Pallet Wrapping Machine

On Line Rotary Cover Top Face Film 500mm Pallet Wrapping Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Jiangsu
Brand Name: TS
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: TSCRJ

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: by negotiation
Packaging Details: Standard Export package
Delivery Time: 1 month
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 200 set one month
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Detailed Product Description
Packaging Type: PET Film Type: Automatic Wrapping Machine
Driven Type: Electric Application: Beverage, Medical, Chemical, Textile, Electrical
Inclusion Degree: Fully Wrapped Winding Machine Used For: Pallet Packing Wrapping
High Light:

500mm Pallet Wrapping Machine


35μM Pallet Wrapping Machine

TLDT2000FZ-FM On line rotary heavy-duty pallet wrapping machine  
pallet wrapping machine , Fully automatic pallet wrapping machine wrapper , heavy-duty pallet wrapping machine
Technical agreement
1, Project overview
1. Packaging process
1.1 palletized products automatically enter the winding and packaging machine station through the conveyor line, and the winding packaging machine will automatically cover the top and wrap around. After the packaging parameters are set, the film will be automatically loaded and broken, and automatically transported to the follow-up conveying line;
1.2 the equipment can load film automatically, break film automatically after packaging, and weld film tail automatically.
2. Packaging materials
2.1 packaging materials:
LLDPE stretch film
Film width: 500mm
Thickness: 17-35μ M
Maximum outer diameter: 260mm
Inner hole of paper core: 76mm
Paper core length: 500mm
Top coating: l: 1800mm, thickness: 50-70um, maximum weight of single coil: 60kg
2, Scope of supply
Serial number name product description quantity remarks
1. Online rotary table type laminating and winding machine tl2000fz-fm 1 set
3, Technical parameters of supplied products
1. Main performance
1.1 PLC programmable control, winding top and bottom layer number, times can be set
1.2 photoelectric switch, automatically sense the height of goods
1.3 it has the functions of automatic fault diagnosis and alarm, query processing and emergency shutdown
1.4 manual reinforcement winding function, which can provide special protection for some parts
1.5 accurate positioning of turntable and frequency control of turntable
2. Main technical parameters
2.1 package specification: L1200 × W1100 × h1800mm
2.2 cargo weight: 2000 kg
2.3 packing efficiency: 15 Torr / h
2.4 turntable diameter: 2000 mm
2.5 turntable speed: 14rpm (max)
2.6 speed of conveying line: 12 m / min adjustable
2.7 turntable height: 550mm
2.8 machine power: 4 kW 380V / 50Hz
3. Turntable drive system
3.1 driving mode: motor driven, slewing bearing structure, heavy load, accurate return, low after-sales cost
3.2 frequency control of turntable is adjustable from 0 to 14 rpm;
3.3 rotary table reducer: variable frequency speed regulation
3.4 power supply: 1.1kw
3.5 automatic reset of turntable
4. Membrane support system
4.1 the membrane rack is a dynamic pre stretching mechanism, with pre stretching up to 250%;
4.2 lifting structure chain traction, stable and reliable;
4.3 the rising, falling and feeding speed of the membrane rack can be adjusted respectively;
4.4 the winding number at the top and bottom shall be controlled separately;
4.5 film system follow-up mechanism, one pull is enough;
4.6 A.C. motor stretches the film rack, and the frequency converter adjusts the tension of the stretching film;
4.7 film rack lifting and deceleration motor: (frequency control)
4.8 power supply: 0.37kw
4.9 film output speed reduction motor: variable frequency speed regulation
5. Conveyor: (on turntable)
5.1 conveying surface height: 550mm
5.2 roller diameter: ф 76mm
5.3 roller spacing: 119mm
5.4 conveying speed: 12m / min
5.5 roller material: carbon steel
5.6 roller wall thickness: 3.0 mm
5.7 conveying chain: 10A
5.8 rated load: 2000kg
5.9 transmission reducer: frequency control
5.10 power supply: 380V 0.75kw
Note: all rotary table conveying rollers are powered to ensure the transition of pallets.
6. Automatic film breaking mechanism
6.1 pneumatic clamp clamp film, automatic film loading, film head blowing into the packaging film, after film breaking equipment automatically welding film tail;
6.2 air pressure: 0.4-0.6 MPa
6.3 pneumatic components: Adec
Note: film welding mechanism with lifting baffle plate, film tail treatment beautiful, film tail 5cm, do not fall off. The heating wire increases the spring tension, and the broken film is complete.
7. Laminating device:
Power: ~ 1.5kw
Working voltage: 380V / 3-phase 5-wire / 50 Hz
Air consumption: 1000ml / min
Pneumatic working pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa
Traction film motor power: 0.4KW
Film drawing speed: 9.5m/min
Up and down moving speed of the film pulling frame: 4.5m/min
Film breaking mode: rodless cylinder driving, blade cutting film.
8. Communication with the demander's conveyor:
8.1 communication signal description:
1. Dry contact signal communication shall be implemented with the buyer's incoming and outgoing conveying lines, and the Demander shall reserve 6 control points for subsequent transmission and docking.
8.2 receiving signal of winding machine:
1. The main control system is normal: this signal is always "on" when the main control computer is normal; if the signal changes from "on" to "off" during the operation of winding machine, the winding machine will stop working, and the winding machine can only continue to work after the main control computer is normal.
2. Request to purchase signal: this signal is often "on" when there is goods in the direction of winding machine's purchase. This signal can start the winding machine's conveying line and send the goods to the winding machine.
3. Allow to ship signal: this signal is always "on" when the main control computer's shipping conditions meet. This signal starts the winding machine's conveying line and outputs the goods.
4. Side signal: this signal is often "on" when the main control system does not require winding and packaging of the goods. This signal acts on the main control system to control whether the winding machine packs the goods.
8.3 signals sent by winding machine:
1. Winding machine normal: this signal is always on when winding machine is normal;
2. Allow to purchase signal: this signal is often "on" when the purchase conditions of winding machine are met. Only when the signal is "on", can goods enter the winding machine.
3. Request shipping signal: this signal is set to "on" after winding machine is completed, and reset after the goods completely leave the winding machine.
** Main feature:


ITEM Component name manufacturer
1 PLC Siemens
2 Frequency converter Schneider
3 Touch screen Siemens
4 Photoelectric switch Panasonic
5 Master device Schneider
6 Inductive proximity switch OMRON
7 Limit position switch OMRON
8 Pneumatic speed control valve Airtag
9 Cylinder Airtag
10 Reducer motor Made in china ,hiqh quality class
11 Rotary bearing Zhao yuan
12 DC power supply voltage Ming wei



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