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210W 60/Min X Ray Testing Equipment For Packaging Products

210W 60/Min X Ray Testing Equipment For Packaging Products

    • 210W 60/Min X Ray Testing Equipment For Packaging Products
    • 210W 60/Min X Ray Testing Equipment For Packaging Products
  • 210W 60/Min X Ray Testing Equipment For Packaging Products

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: TS
    Certification: ISO,CE
    Model Number: X-ray testing equipment for packaging products

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Wooden Cases
    Delivery Time: 3 month
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
    Supply Ability: 800 set/ Year
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    Detailed Product Description
    Conveyor Speed (M / Min):: Typical Speed 10-60/min (depending On Product Size) Conveying Weight:: Max. 5kg (10kg Is Optional, But The Belt Speed Is 10-30m / Min)
    System Conveyor:: FDA Approved Urethane (white, Food Grade), 100W Motor Unit, 38mm Size End Roller. Conveyor Height:: 850 + - 30 Mm
    Machine Size: L * W * H 1039 * 1150 * 1825 (including Air Conditioning, Signal Lamp Size) Software:: Sfn300 X-ray Detection System Software
    High Light:

    60/Min X Ray Testing Equipment


    210w X Ray Testing Equipment

    X-ray testing equipment for packaging products
    Abstract: timely detection of metal and non-metal contaminants in packaged food is essential to protect your brand. Our X-ray system can provide cost-effective
    And easy to use technology solutions
    Pollutant detection:
    The X-ray testing equipment used for packaging products can detect high-density physical pollutants such as glass, metal, mineral stone, calcified bone and high-density plastic excellently. Regardless of pollutant
    The size, shape or position in the product can be easily detected. X-ray technology is not affected by product temperature or temperature change. Stable performance, low false rejection rate,
    Fully ensure the safety of products.
    Features and benefits
    Built in remote monitoring can quickly find problems.
    The software is based on a general and intuitive friendly user interface.
    Sanitary design, sloping surface, easy flow and full contact system, ensure easy and easy maintenance.
    Adopt dead angle free design, so as to prevent data difference and foreign matters mixing caused by improper transportation and product falling into production line.
    Modular conveyor can simply install and remove conveyor belt, roller, front cover and protective curtain to prevent X-ray leakage without using tools. Easy to clean and maintain.
    The sensor does not need to be corrected regularly, and it can be tested normally even if it operates for 24 hours
    Field upgradeable X-ray source and detector
    Shielding function
    Combined with the shape and shape of different products, shielding edge, binding, filling area, desiccant and other functions, improve the detection sensitivity.
    Shape detection
    Through the analysis of the shape and quantity of the product, the integrity, damage or lack of the product shape are detected.
    defect detection
    Product missing and missing detection.
    7 safety structures
    1. Emergency stop button
    Press the emergency stop button to cut off the power supply and stop the transmission part and X-ray exposure.
    2. X-ray exposure on / off switch.
    Turn off the switch to cut off the X-ray exposure
    3. X-ray protective cover switch device
    The X-ray exposure can be completely cut off by opening the protective cover.
    4. X-ray protective cover
    Through the X-ray irradiation on / off switch control, when the protective cover or door lock is opened, the protective cover switch sensor can completely cut off the X-ray irradiation.
    5. X-ray radiation display
    When the X-ray works, the radiation display light is on
    6. Protective curtain against X-ray leakage
    Three layers of light lead-free blue protective curtains are arranged in the opening of the passage to prevent X-ray leakage
    7. Arm insertion monitoring sensor
    If the sensor is blocked for more than the set time due to the deep access of the arm, the X-ray radiation will stop immediately.
    Technical parameters of X-ray testing equipment
    X-ray testing power: 210W, 350W, remarks: adjust the testing power according to the different (density) of the tested products
    Unique design, no detection blind spot, 0.4mm pixel
    Scanning rate: ~ 1667 lines / second / detector type: linear scanning
    Typical detection accuracy: Metal: Φ 0.4mm; stone: Φ 0.8mm; bone: Φ 0.8mm; glass / ceramic: Φ 1.0mm; lead (PB) / iron / stainless steel:
    0.3*0.3*0.3 mm;
    **The accuracy depends on the material, size and arrangement of different products.
    Available detection algorithms: simple valve, gradient, small point shape, medium point shape, large point shape, pollutant area measurement.
    Note 1: Note 2: length: 20-450 mm, width not more than 400 mm, height not more than 150 mm, (height of special specification can reach 220 mm)
    Conveyor speed (M / min): typical speed 10-60 / min (depending on product size)
    System conveyor: FDA approved urethane (white, food grade), 100W motor unit, 38mm size end roller.
    Conveying weight: max. 5kg (10kg is optional, but the belt speed is 10-30m / min)
    Throughput: usually the throughput rate is up to 1000 products per minute (depending on product application)
    Conveyor height: mm 850 + - 30 mm
    Equipment size: L * w * h 1039 * 1150 * 1825 (including air conditioning, signal lamp size)
    Weight: 350 kg
    Cooling mode of the whole machine: the main cabinet of industrial air conditioner cools the body and filters the air to ensure the internal cleanness of the equipment.
    Equipped with special seal air cooling system for X-ray machine, isolated from any air exchange with the outside, to realize air cooling inside the machine, and ensure the core mechanical and electrical components of X-ray machine
    As far as possible, it can work more stably under dust-free, humidity free and ideal temperature.
    Security / safety facilities: X-ray power key, password system, emergency x-ray / conveyor stop button, lead-free curtain, LED light indication: fault, X-ray start and work indication
    Indicator lamp
    X-ray protection and X-ray leakage:
    The X-ray machine system is designed with safety assurance. All radiation covers are provided by the original factory, and the thickness of steel plate is 3mm,
    The measured radiation dose outside the X-ray machine is less than 1 USV / h (1 micro Sievert / h) or less, including the inlet / outlet of the conveyor
    The whole machine adopts interlocking interaction, when the equipment detects that there is a potential safety hazard, it will stop the machine immediately and give an alarm.
    Protective curtain and material: three layers of light lead-free blue protective curtain are arranged in the channel opening
    Human machine interface / operating system: 15 inch TFT full color touch screen, Windows 7, 32-bit operating system
    Software: sfn300 X-ray detection system software
    Available language interface: Chinese, English, other languages please contact us.
    Automatic setting: product automatic setting can be set and adjusted directly on the screen.
    Product management / image management: complete product log / test images of all products can be saved
    Data transmission: Standard waterproof USB interface, waterproof Ethernet terminal
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